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Blog /Low Sperm Count Isn't Always A Barrier To Conception!

Low Sperm Count Isn't Always A Barrier To Conception!

My husband and I started trying to get pregnant in Jan 2017, after being cleared from a second trimester miscarriage 3 months prior (due to insufficient cervix). It took us 2 years to get pregnant the first time and I was dreading the long wait again. I started having mid cycle bleeding and was prescribed Metformin for 4 months. Those passed so the doctor added Clomid for another six months. As each month went by we got more and more discouraged. We knew my husband had low sperm count so when I learned about Mosie it made sense to try it before going towards more expensive treatments like IUI. The first cycle we were able to use Mosie we got our BFP! So on all we tried for 14 months unsuccessful, and only one cycle with Mosie. We are soo thankful for this product!!

Thanks again,

AM - Thomasville, GA

AM, thank you for sharing your incredible journey. We're over-the-moon happy for you guys! Low sperm count can certainly be a challenge in the conception process, but according to fertility specialist Marc Sklar Mosie can (and in your case did!) help you maximize your odds with what you have to work with! No doubt your amazing journey will inspire others. Our thanks again for sharing, Maureen & Marc