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Blog /Low Sperm Count Didn’t Stop Them from Conceiving With Mosie!

Low Sperm Count Didn’t Stop Them from Conceiving With Mosie!

We have been trying since July 2017 with no luck. After trying and testing religiously we went to a fertility specialist that said my husband had “very low sperm count”, and we were getting ready to check on our options for IUI. I saw Mosie pop up on my Facebook for months and finally decided, “what do we have to lose?”! So I ordered it. We used it in September and on our first try we are pregnant! I am forever grateful for this product. Without it we would not have been able to conceive (without spending every penny we have). My message to others is, never give up hope. It may not be the way my husband hoped to conceive a child but we did it, and he is thrilled!

Thank you!!

- MN from Suffolk, VA

Sincere thanks to you both for coming forward with this story. Especially to your husband. As a man that conceived with Mosie myself, I get it. We tried for 2.5 years also. Ultimately using Mosie was liberating for us. It removed the baggage that went along with failing over and over again. And luckily it worked in our case as well. The best part of sharing is that your story will absolutely inspire others that may find themselves in a similar boat! Wishing you both a safe and healthy term and new addition! Keep us posted! - Marc + Maureen