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Blog /First Try Success for this Skeptical Doula!

First Try Success for this Skeptical Doula!

We TTC for 12 cycles using a donor due male infertility. Our first medicated/Mosie cycle...was our bfp.

The design of Mosie allowed for much more effective insemination. There was no leakage or backflow. Even better it is smoothe and it didn't hurt like medicine syringes.

Not many talk about male infertility or the need for a donor. But we do, to raise awareness. An amazing person helped us grow our family, and thanks to Mosie it worked as soon as we switched.

We will always be thankful to the makers of Mosie. Because of them our family is growing....by 2 feet.

I am also a doula who specializes in fertility and fully plan on recommending to those who need. I can't believe it worked first try.

Tech first cycle as the first batch malfunctioned and you graciously replaced. Thank you for making our dream come true. We were doing medicated cycles so....maybe even 4 feet ;)

Honest to God I was your biggest skeptic and I’m the first person to say publicly if a product isn't worth it.

I wish we had got it sooner. In my head I kept thinking is just an expensive syringe. I’m honestly the hardest person to impress. Between replacing the ones that were wonky and the amazing design, it’s clear as soon as you use it....it isn't a regular syringe. In 13 months I lost track of how many times I hurt myself with a regular syringe. I wish I had ordered sooner. And will be the first to admit, I was very wrong about Mosie ;) thank you so much for creating a product for couples like us. From the bottom of my heart.....THANK YOU. Mosie for the win. 

JP fromWalkertown, NC

JP, this story is one that we can honestly say we’re humbled by. Maureen and I risked everything to bring Mosie to market and we’ve had our fair share of skeptics, but we tried a regular syringe, and we knew something better was needed. Hearing your words and knowing your occupation reinforces our commitment to Mosie and this community. So thank you for coming forward to not only share your thoughts about Mosie but to also reveal your journey with male infertility. We agree, it’s not talked about enough. And it’s families like yours that are empowering others with knowledge about alternative paths to growing their families. Wishing you a safe and healthy term and new addition. Keep us posted on progress! -Marc + Mo