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Blog /Dual Conception and Twins for Mosie Mamas!

Dual Conception and Twins for Mosie Mamas!

My wife and I purchased Mosie last year and we are so very grateful for your product! We’ve been together for many years and we decided to get married in 2016. We wanted to start our family, but had no idea about how we could afford to have a baby, since going to a clinic for IUI or IVF was kind of out of the picture for us.

We did a lot of research and finally came across Mosie Baby. Once we found our donor, which was also a very long process since we didn't opt for the commonly used sperm bank route, we decided to give it a try, and we purchased 2 Mosie kits. 

We were thinking we wanted to start trying to conceive towards the end of last year. Originally, our plan was that I would carry the first baby, and a few years later, we would try for the second baby, and my wife would carry the second child.

Long story short...we were living in Washington State at that point. My wife got a new job in California, and our donor, who was local in Washington, was also moving. Therefore, we decided to give it a try before we all moved, AND we actually ended up inseminating both of us using Mosie. We thought that would give us a greater chance for at least one of us to get pregnant. What are the odds that both of us would actually get pregnant on the first attempt, right?

As soon as we moved to California, we found out we were pregnant. Funny story...BOTH of us pregnant! And the babies will be biological siblings because we used the same donor, so this is like a whole new definition of what TWINS are. 

We definitely did not expect we would be having two babies at the same time, but we wouldn't have it any other way, and we are so grateful for your product. We loved the design and how easy and comfortable it was to use. We had heard stories of people struggling to conceive for years. Mosie clearly works better than anything else out there, and we now totally understand why you highly recommend trying Mosie before trying IUI or IVF, and we absolutely 100% agree with you. We are living proof.

We are now both 29 weeks pregnant, and we are expecting a beautiful baby girl, S, and a beautiful baby boy, L, who are both due the second week in July!

Thank you so much for making Mosie Baby available, accessible, and affordable for couples like us! 

- K&K from Valencia, CA


I wanted to share the wonderful news that our 2 beautiful Mosie babies were born in July. It worked out so beautifully that even though we conceived at the same time and had almost the same due dates, we did not go into labor at the same time and we were able to be there for each other while giving birth to our two bundles of joy.

Meet our baby boy L and our baby girl S born July 7th and 10th.

Thank you so much again for creating Mosie! We would not have been able to start our family if it wasn't for Mosie.

- K&K and babies L & S from Valencia, CA


K&K, Wow. Your story brought HUGE smiles to our faces! This is truly a first to our knowledge. Warmest congrats on the healthy arrival not one but TWO bundles of joy into your lives - twins! They’re adorable!😍Stories like yours remind us of why we created Mosie in the first place this particular story will no doubt bring more than a few smiles and inspiration to others. Our sincere thanks for sharing. 

- Marc & Maureen


two babies wearing the mosie baby onesie


twin mosie babies


twin mosie babies in the mosie baby onesie


newborn mosie baby in the hospital


Update (09/21/20) - "They just turned 14 months old last week, both already say “mama” and both of them are also already walking! Can you believe it?"

Mosie Baby twins in matching onesies


Black and white photo of mosie babies
Birthday party with two moms and twins