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Blog /At-Home Conception after $10K investment on 3 Failed IUI’s!

At-Home Conception after $10K investment on 3 Failed IUI’s!

Got pregnant on the first at-home try.  My wife and I had tried 3 times at the fertility clinic costing about 10,000 dollars when my sister-in-law randomly came across Mosie Baby (I think) on Facebook and told us about it. I decided why not try it as I was running out of money for another IUI. I ordered and used the following month. First try with Mosie Baby and it worked! Was so easy all around, I recommend this to people all the time. Great product! Baby boy due in September!

- KC fromDes Plaines, IL

KC, Warmest congratulations to you both...especially after the expense of multiple IUI’s. And sincere thanks for sharing this amazing story. Your story is a big part of why Mosie is here. Maureen and I just wanted something we could try at home (unexplained infertility) before investing in IUI, and we couldn’t find anything we liked. Thankfully IUI actually worked for our first, and we’re grateful to our doctor (who endorsed Mosie) and the process itself. Our second however, was a much simpler process with help from Mosie. Wishing you both a safe and healthy term and new addition! - Marc + Mo


 All success stories featured here are from authentic Mosie Families! Individual results may vary. The Mosie Baby Kit does not claim to diagnose or treat diseases and is not intended to treat infertility. Consult your doctor if timed intercourse is not working, or if using the Mosie Baby Kit does not successfully result in a pregnancy within six months of trying.