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Blog /Asexual Couple Conceive With A Little Help From Mosie!

Asexual Couple Conceive With A Little Help From Mosie!

Marc & Maureen,

My wife and myself are a case for the books in many, many ways. While we are very much in love, we are not able to have sexual intercourse. The reason is because it takes me literally hours to ejaculate due to having what I call "asexual tendencies." In other words, I'm almost impotent. My wife is asexual as well and the idea of sex is just not appealing to her. However, we are very much in love and the idea of a starting a family after we got married in August of 2016, was on our radar. We were determined to find a way to have children. But how in the world would it be possible?

That was when we turned not only to our faith, but also the internet! We'd heard about turkey basters and some very questionable practices that even surprised me! But one thing was for certain: there was no way we would be able to afford IVF, nor did we really want to. Then I found Mosie Baby! I showed my wife the videos of Maureen explaining how to insert the syringe and she was in total agreement. We ordered four Mosie 2-Pack Kits using the discount and began trying.

We were finally successful on our 6th attempt and are now in our third trimester expecting a baby girl in January. As we our people of faith, we do thank God, but after God, this is all thanks to you guys. You did this for us. We have no words to thank you for what you have done for our growing family. We are in tears writing this email knowing little girl has a world of love waiting for her here in our home, as well as with family members in other states and the countries of Germany and Costa Rica. The world thanks you for being the direct cause of bringing this little girl into the world. 

We can't wait to show you pictures when she is born!

Blessings, from

P & M, Arlington VA

Baby Update!

Nothing makes us happier than seeing beautiful little Mosie Babies! 

Side-note: P & M have been corresponding with us regularly throughout their journey - providing updates and images and just letting us know how they're doing. This post is a small part of their amazing journey and we're honored that they wanted their story to be shared with our community and know that others will find inspiration from this amazing duo. This community continues to amaze us. -Marc & Mo