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Blog /Amazing Conception Journey Ends Happily With Mosie!

Amazing Conception Journey Ends Happily With Mosie!

There are some people in this world just meant to be a parent. My husband is one of those people, I truly believe he is destined to be a great father. This is how I knew children were always going to be in the picture for us. That no matter what, we would be parents one day. To most couples this a no brainer...you meet, fall in love, get married, and start a family. Not always in that order, but you get the idea. However, for us, this would require some additional planning. My husband had a major accident when he was 18 that rendered him quadriplegic. Long and personal story short, my husband walks, talks, and holds a successful job with zero assistance or accommodations. He is a walking, talking miracle or "Average (but incredibly handsome) Joe" as I think of him. With that being said, spinal cord injury patients often struggle with fertility. We went through the tedious process of testing with tests coming back normal after normal. This was very frustrating. Turns out we could get pregnant on our own, but would need a different administration method. This made me really nervous and uncomfortable. To him it was important to be able to do it from our own home. To me...I just thought there was no way I would "turkey baster" our baby. I researched a lot, and found nothing. When it came to the fertilization component, I was worried about hurting myself with length, tip, germs, etc. Why is there no information on this? I mean specifics, there are none. Finally after hunting I stumbled upon Mosie. THIS WAS IT! OMG, AND THERE ARE VIDEOS?!?! This was exactly what I was looking for, and my journey changed from that point forward. We were not like the other success stories listed. We were not pregnant after the first try; it took us three times before we became pregnant. When you are ready to get pregnant, and have been trying for awhile, 3 months is unbelievably fast. Honestly, the process was so easy and comfortable. We are incredibly thankful to Mosie and all the thought and consideration they have put into their product. I recommend this product to any family who needs an unconventional at home method. It really works. Its safe, comfortable, and easy to use. Just get it already! You will be happy you did. 

Kate & Dan, Clarksburg, MD

Wow. Just Wow. Thank you both for sharing this beautiful story. You guys are amazing. - Maureen & Marc