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Blog /A long journey to Baby 3 led them to Mosie Baby and their BFP!

A long journey to Baby 3 led them to Mosie Baby and their BFP!

Getting pregnant with baby 3 was a long journey this time around. After our first two babies came within 3-4 months of trying, I just assumed the next would come to us the same…but it didn’t. I felt after a while that my body was somehow broken. We tried for a solid two years. I had been to doctors and done ultrasounds and so many blood tests testing hormones and levels of this and that. It dragged on and on... My friend from high school reached out to me one day and said we should try Mosie Baby, even just for 1-3 cycles. I will be honest, I was a bit hesitant about it and it seemed kind of expensive BUT it would be cheaper overall than fertility treatments. We tried Mosie baby ONE TIME, and bam I was pregnant. One cycle, and it worked... My husband helped get the sperm up where it needed to go- he really did a lot. I was skeptical but wow did it work, and on the first attempt. When we got that positive pregnancy test I was in tears, shaking, complete shock- IT WAS THE GREATEST surprise baby ever! Now we are pregnant and baby girl is due in September. I can’t believe it still sometimes to this day. I really truly believe Mosie Baby helped us this time around.

And if we ever need help in the future. 
With baby 4, if we decide to have one more - Mosie baby will be the first thing we try. So incredibly grateful for the Mosie Baby kit. I literally got my big fat positive TWO DAYS before I was to start fertility medication. I ended up tossing them and never had to touch it once. God is so good. Perfect timing always. And Mosie Baby is amazing! Give it a try before you give up. Blown away!

- D&D from WA