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Blog /Overcoming Chemo, Inspiring Couple get their BFP with Mosie!

Overcoming Chemo, Inspiring Couple get their BFP with Mosie!

From Mom: After years of fertility struggles, I took to the internet to research home IUI and an ad for Mosie came up. I watched videos, read reviews, joined groups for male infertility (little count, low motility)

We read our best option was to carefully monitor bbt and ovulation and have the “guys” waiting on the egg. Mosie was our shot! Sure enough, we used Mosie baby day before peak and on peak ovulation….it worked 1st try!! We could never thank you enough for our miracle due 2022!!

From Dad: My wife already wrote one but I wanted to also because Mosie has given us a true gift. We have talked about and talked about for years having a child. A few missteps along the way as well as chemo and 5 years of dialysis (kidney failure due to Lupus) for myself we started to give up hope. Two years ago I had a miracle transplant and really got on the road to recovery. We began looking into other ways but cost was insane. Came across Mosie Baby and saw these amazing stories and reviews so we wanted to give it a shot. After one try with Mosie Baby our dreams came true and prayers answered. We both looked at each other in total disbelief followed by joy screaming and crying. Thank you Mosie Baby you're awesome!

Other methods with Mosie: Cervical Cap (Soft Cup)
How many cycles did you use Mosie: 1
How long did you try before Mosie: Over 24 months
What obstacles did you face: Male factor, Miscarriage, Over 35, Endometriosis

- N & C from Georgia