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Blog /Husband's Struggles and TTC Journey Ends with a Positive with Mosie!

Husband's Struggles and TTC Journey Ends with a Positive with Mosie!

My fiancé and I have been trying to conceive for the past 10 months. Month after month after month we have been unsuccessful in trying to conceive a child. I started going to a urologist for treatment to improve testosterone and semen quality. Started taking daily vitamins to also improve male fertility. My fiancé started 5 months worth of Clomid which failed each month. With our hopes slowly dwindling, we decided to go to a specialist for fertility treatment. After running numerous blood tests and other exams, we found that my fiancé was perfectly healthy. I performed a semen test (this was months after starting treatment for my quality) and all my numbers looked good. The doctor could not determine why we couldn't conceive. The doctor recommended we try another round of Clomid as well as try IUI. My fiancé didn't want to have to go through another round as we know it could do possible harm if taken for long periods of time, but we were considering IUI. A week after our doctor visit, my fiancé found Mosie Baby on one of the groups in Facebook. With many success stories, we were highly interested. We decided to try it for a couple months and if it still didn't work, we would go with the doctor recommendations of an IUI in the beginning of the new year. I ordered a 1 month supply of Mosie Baby and that was all we needed! Seriously! 1 month of Mosie Baby and we finally conceived. My fiancé will be 12 weeks pregnant at the end of the week with an expected due date of June 18, 2022! We are so excited and so thankful to Mosie Baby!

How long did you try before Mosie: 6-12 months
What obstacles did you face: Male factor, Erectile Dysfunction, Performance Anxiety, Unexplained Infertility

- C & S from Arizona


All success stories featured here are from authentic Mosie Families! Individual results may vary. The Mosie Baby Kit does not claim to diagnose or treat diseases and is not intended to treat infertility. Consult your doctor if timed intercourse is not working, or if using the Mosie Baby Kit does not successfully result in a pregnancy within six months of trying.