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Blog /"Completing our happy family" with Mosie Baby

"Completing our happy family" with Mosie Baby

Hello I’m C and my husband M advised I should write you guys about our story. So my husband and I have been trying since December 2020, we have had one miscarriage and 1 chemical pregnancy, and nothing but heartache. Then my husband and I decided to each get tested to see if we had any issues, he found out he has abnormal sperm, and I was diagnosed with PCOS in my left ovary. From then we started to loose hope, but my husband found you guys and bought it just to try to see cause we had nothing to lose. I did track my ovulation, and the night I was ovulating we tried it. And boom 7 weeks later we are expecting our perfect little blessing June 2022. Just want to say thank you so much for completing our happy family.

- C & M from FL