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Blog /“Hardcore Trying” Led Them To Mosie and “Bam”!

“Hardcore Trying” Led Them To Mosie and “Bam”!

First try and BAM! We've been hardcore trying for 6 months. Supplements, acupuncture, etc. We found out I had a polycystic ovary and he had fertility issues on his side too. BUT God is good and Mosie helped us along the way! So thrilled.

How long did you try before Mosie: 6-12 months
What obstacles did you face: Male factorPerformance Anxiety, and PCOS

- J & J from Texas

J&J, BAM indeed! 😄 We’re thrilled for you guys and happy to have been able to help out. More than that, thanks for taking a minute to share your challenges with the community. It’s a BIG DEAL that will absolutely provide some hope to others facing similar challenges. Wishing you both a healthy term and new arrival. (extra points for the creative pic!) - Maureen + Marc