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Blog /Journey of Love, Friendship, Loss and an Adorable Rainbow Baby

Journey of Love, Friendship, Loss and an Adorable Rainbow Baby

My fiancée and I started our efforts to conceive a baby in June 2018 by asking a friend, after careful consideration, to be our donor. He then took the summer to think about it and in September 2018, he said YES! In the meantime, we have been researching the web to find the best methods for carrying out an artisanal insemination, and this is how we came across your site and your products. The success stories of others have greatly inspired us! In October 2018, we went to our friend, who lives 3 hours from our home, and we carried out the first insemination. We anticipated that this moment would be embarrassing, but it was not the case. We realized then that this little baby would be conceived both in love and in friendship. Two weeks later, we also realized that having a child was not easy!

Each month we did the ovulation tests, and when we reached maximum fertility, we took time off from work and made 3 hours of road to carry out 2 inseminations, often in less than 48 hours.

In June 2019, we saw for the first time a positive sign on a pregnancy test. Unfortunately, two weeks later, we went to a clinic after bleeding and learned within hours that the worst we feared was over. The baby didn't hang on, and my girlfriend had a miscarriage. We were very sad, but we did not despair.

We continued to do the inseminations and in September 2019, it was the right one! My partner is now 32 weeks pregnant. We are expecting a little boywho will be named Jules at the end of May. In this pandemic time, expecting a child is even more stressful. We want him to be safe when he is born, so we do everything we can to protect ourselves and our family. The rainbows all over the place make us smile. The rainbow means much more to us than the hope that everything will be alright following the pandemic. The rainbow means that our baby will be born after a miscarriage in a homoparental family for whom the rainbow flag represents diversity.

I hope our story can inspire all future parents to persevere! Our journey to conceive this baby has not been easy, but it is what shows us how life is a gift that we must cherish!

- A & F from Canada


Our baby, Jules, arrived in the middle of the pandemic. He is our sunshine of this weird year. We often say that our story is a story of love and friendship.

A&F, Baby “J” is adorable! We’re giving him virtual squeezes! 🥰 We’re so happy that he arrived safely and is healthy, especially after all you’ve been through and the times we find ourselves in. We can certainly appreciate the significance of the rainbow to your family as well, beautifully put. We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to share your story in detail with the community and express your hopes that others will benefit. We assure you, this will absolutely be the case. Wishing your family the very best! - Maureen + Marc


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