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Blog /Distance Couldn't Stop this Couple from their BFP!

Distance Couldn't Stop this Couple from their BFP!

I am 33 year old female, and have been married to my husband for almost 5.5 years. Until the pandemic we have been in a long distance marriage and gone through a lot of hardships mentally and physically. We were able to spend barely 4-5 days a month together for those years apart from Christmas or Thanksgiving holidays and planning for a family was never a priority considering the long distance situation.

However, I started working remotely due to pandemic and we have been planning for a baby for almost 9 months or so in 2020. I had gone through all my regular tests, uterus check up, hormones and fibroid check up & everything was normal, but for some reason despite numerous attempts we failed to get pregnant in 2020.

I had read about Mosie Baby online and my husband and I decided to give it a try, if it is something related to sperm not reaching the egg. I decided to give this a try prior to visiting a fertility clinic for consultation & inquiring on other procedures.
February 2021 we tried for the first time using Mosie Baby and we didn’t have any normal intercourse for that month (during ovulation).

With luck in my favor and efficiency of the product, We are now 7 months pregnant and so far it’s been all normal and healthy with me and my baby.

-S and V from Michigan