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Blog /After 6 Months of TTC They Added Mosie to The Mix!

After 6 Months of TTC They Added Mosie to The Mix!

My wife and I have been together since 2014. She never really wanted kids, but I absolutely wanted to have a baby of my own and not just adopt. Finally after a couple years of being together she told me she wanted a baby. We found a donor who helped us out, and we tried for a little over 6 months. Covid made some months harder than others.We knew we weren't getting the most out of each time we tried until we purchased the Mosie Baby Kit. The first time we used the kit I got pregnant. Currently I am 11 weeks pregnant, and we are about to find out the gender. Thank you Mosie Baby family.

- A & J from Montana

A&J - You two are adorable, and we’re thrilled that Mosie helped you achieve your goal of starting a family! Thank you both as well for taking a few moments to share your history and TTC journey. It will absolutely make a difference for another family on a similar path. Sending good vibes to Montana for a healthy, smooth road to baby. - Marc + Mo 

PS: We really want to know how cold it is in Montana right now! 😄❤️

Positive pregnancy test with onesie, shoes and camo hat to announce new baby!