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Blog /Same-Sex couple grows their very first "Home-Made" Baby

Same-Sex couple grows their very first "Home-Made" Baby

We decided at the end of 2020 we would like to extend our family, especially after the year we'd had in lockdown due to Covid-19 as well as being cooped up in a house for 3 months, we knew we were ready to take on the world, one baby-making attempt at a time!

Being part of the LGBTQ+ community we had so many options to choose from, with Clinical IVF to IUI, at home AI or NI, the options were vast, our donor options on the other hand became more complex. Did we want to use family, friends, a stranger or an unknown donor from the register? The investigation of who, what, when, where and how turned full pelt as we wanted to make 2021 great! It didn't take us long to figure out what was best for us as a couple, after many discussions and processes, we found our person, our baby making donor! He was over the moon to help give us the gift of extending our family.

In the mean time, we'd spread our wings and out sourced an ovulation tracking device, a Mosie at home insemination kit and some legal advice! We researched and researched all the methods to this madness we were getting ourselves into, it didn't take much time before we realized, the only way we will know is through trial and error.

This first attempt, we called our "practice run", unsuccessful as it was, we figured a lot of things out too! How and what worked for us along with the tips given to us from Mosie and our research.

Round two came rolling in... a few days of home insemination, and our second go was done, we waited with much anticipation until we could do our first pregnancy test!


Our second try was surprisingly successful, we knocked it out of the park, and here we are, growing our very first "home-made, same-sex" baby.

How many cycles did you use Mosie: 2
How long did you try before Mosie: 6 months or less
What obstacles did you face: Endometriosis, PCOS, Male factor

-E & B from New South Wales