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Blog /Once Couple’s Complete Account of Their Conception Journey With Mosie

Once Couple’s Complete Account of Their Conception Journey With Mosie

My husband and I are 33 and 38, respectively, and we wanted to wait a bit to start for a family just to be settled with ourselves, our careers, and each other. We started trying officially in July of this year. I did some baseline testing as I was fascinated by the science and biology of it all, and had a good signs re: basic fertility blood work (I used modernfertility.com), transvaginal ultrasound (I used one outside of Atlanta that was $180), proof of ovulation via strips, and regular periods since being off birth control for a while. My husband used meetfellow.com to do a sperm sample, and it came back great.

Our purpose was to have a rough idea of where we were so that if/when we encountered problems, they wouldn't be the ones that were easily remedied and thus we could've been helping correct earlier on. The only thing I noticed may become or be a thing was that I didn't have much cervical fluid, so I took a few supplements to help with that, and most recently (when we conceived), I had been taking Borage oil and Evening Primrose for about 3 weeks.

I have mild vaginismus, where deeper pelvic floor muscles are pretty tight, and it can be painful for the first few minutes of intercourse. We had been trying for four months when I bought Mosie to try on the fifth attempt,and it was really nice to have the option to inseminate that way without the sometimes chore-ness or pressure of reproduction sex. We enjoyed doing it for that some months, but others it was a bit annoying. We preferred do have recreation sex vs having it tied to this, which I don't think either of us expected, but were pleasantly surprised with the ability to un-link it. We were afraid it could seem transactional, but instead it felt pretty calm and clarified thatour aim in that was to conceive, and it didn't have to be through traditional sex. In some ways, we preferred this method to having begrudged sex which isn't great for either of us.

I used the syringe three times, everyday vs every other because of my potential lower cervical fluid. It was two days before ovulation, one day before, and day of. Ten days later, I did the HCG test and it came back with a faint line! We were really pumped. It's relieving to be on this side of things, even though there are still risks and unknowns ahead of us. It feels like a world of difference between maybe/planning/patience and the reality of a positive test.

While we don't know if it was just my body's timing, other small factors, the supplements, or specifically Mosie, we are so excited we tried this and are happy that it may have helped us! We used this exclusively this past time, so we know it wasn't through traditional sex.

Overall, we're really glad we found you guys and would love to report back if we decide to try for another kid later if it could be really the main variable for TTC.

Appreciate the great design and excellent customer support.

Other notes and specifics, for those interested:

I wish I had controlled for this variable, but 2 times I was on my back, and 1 time I was on my side. Unsure which position helped the most, as I have a tilted (retro-verted) uterus, and I've read some scientific journals mention there's no conclusive evidence of the position link to helping tilted uterus with conception.

- D & C from Georgia

D&C, it’s a pleasure to read such a complete account of your journey. The background, coupled with your preparation approach and not only when you brought Mosie in, but WHY you brought Mosie in along with the unintended benefits it was able to provide. Truly invaluable to couples navigating the aspects of conception that can actually make a difference. And pointing out the difference between between recreational and reproductive sex is meaningful stuff. In fact it’s one of the main reasons we created Mosie. We wanted to separate sex from the process because TTC was complicating our sex life. So THANK YOU for sharing with the community. Invaluable stuff that will provide much needed insight to others looking for answers. And congratulations on your conception! Fingers crossed for a smooth healthy term and delivery. - Maureen + Marc