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Blog /When Their Insurance Denied Their Medicated IUI They Turned to Mosie

When Their Insurance Denied Their Medicated IUI They Turned to Mosie

Overall, we’ve been TTC for over a year. I have a long history of autoimmune issues and was scheduled to start testing after 6 months of trying but found out I was pregnant on our own. Unfortunately that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 10.5wks. We then were ecstatic to get pregnant again right away, but that turned into an early loss due to progesterone issues. We then started seeing a specialist and after everything checked out ok I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility with a history of pregnancy loss. We completed two cycles of Clomidand then moved to Letrozole which flared up my autoimmune issues but didn’t give me the mental side effects Clomid was. I was going to take a cycle off the medication but my doctor wanted to try IUI so I decided to do another round of Letrozole. Our insurance denied the IUI coverage a week before I was predicted to ovulate and I didn’t want to “waste” a medicated cycle that already had left me feeling sick so decided to give Mosie a try and it worked!!! I’m very thankful for this product and the support I found through the website. I’m cautiously looking forward to meeting our rainbow baby!!!

- B&J from Connecticut 

B&J, What an incredible journey you two have been on, and what a twist of fate to have your insurance company deny you coverage only to find the Mosie Kit! We’re so glad Mosie was here for you and we are wishing you a smooth and healthy pregnancy. Thank you for sharing your journey with the Mosie community. It will no doubt provide some much needed rays of light for others who are struggling. Our best to you and keep us posted! -Marc + Mo