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Blog /Mosie Helped Them “Take the Edge Off” and Find Joy in Each Other Again

Mosie Helped Them “Take the Edge Off” and Find Joy in Each Other Again

My husband and I experienced a miscarriage at the start of our journey and then a long bout of unexplained infertility, which was incredibly stressful and upsetting for both us. There were months that simply didn’t *work* because of the extreme emotions we were both feeling. I found Mosie while researching our situation and we decided to try it - to take the “edge” off. Using Mosie allowed us to find the joy in each other again, and we were pregnant with the first try. We just welcomed our son this past Friday.

How many cycles did you use Mosie: 1
How long did you try before Mosie: 13-18 months
What obstacles did you face: Male factor, Performance Anxiety, Unexplained Infertility, Miscarriage, Over 35

- M & N from New York

M&N, Warmest congrats on Baby “L”’s safe arrival! We’re privileged to have played a small part in his journey! And we’re equally thrilled that Mosie served its purpose in relieving some of the pressures that go along with TTC! We remember it all too well and that’s a big reason we created Mosie. Thanks for taking a moment to share your story with the community. It’s a BIG DEAL as we can assure you that you’re absolutely NOT alone. Please give that little guy a squeeze for us! 😍 - Maureen + Marc