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Blog /“Three Months of Mosie” Before Fertility Testing Pays Off With BFP

“Three Months of Mosie” Before Fertility Testing Pays Off With BFP

After going off the birth control pill we thought it would be a couple of months and then we’d be blessed with our first baby. Twenty five months later and we were still waiting for our BFP. Every month seemed like it would be “the month”, but every month ended in tears or disappointment. I was scrolling through TTC boards and videos as I did most days and an ad for Mosie Baby popped up when I opened my Facebook. I read the stories and testimonials of Mosie success and started to have a little glimmer of hope. I shared the videos on the site with my husband, and Marc’s video about the reality of TTC struck home with both of us. We decided to give Mosie a try for at least 3 months before going the route of additional fertility testing and treatments - what did we have to lose? The first month was both exciting and a little nerve-racking. We had so much hope! The month ended like so many others had butthe difference was that we felt confident in trying again next month. Our second Mosie Kit arrived and a few weeks later, on 9 DPO we got our first ever “real” BFP! We were in disbelief. And still are sometimes! We can’t wait for our baby boy to arrive in June! Thank you Mosie for helping us grow our family!

How long were you trying before Mosie: 25 months
How many cycles did you use Mosie? 2

- A & A from Massachusetts

A&A, Warmest congrats on your “real BFP”! 😀 We’re thrilled for you both and remember ours well. In fact your story reminds us of our own...except Mosie hadn’t existed yet for us! But we’re so happy that it was able to help you guys avoid potential expenses and tests that are no fun. That’s a BIG reason why we decided to start Mosie Baby. Beyond that thank you both for sharing your TTC journey with the community. As you know...these stories matter and we have no doubt your journey will provide some home and inspiration for like-minded others feeling discouraged. Wishing you both a safe and healthy term and arrival of your little guys. We hope you’ll keep in touch and send us a pic when the dust settles! - Marc + Mo