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Blog /Mosie Provided Comfort and Control Allowing Mama-To-Be to Move Past Vaginismus

Mosie Provided Comfort and Control Allowing Mama-To-Be to Move Past Vaginismus

Dear Mosie Baby Team,

As of today I am 21 weeks pregnant. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you all for making this product. I would love to share a little about me and my journey with Mosie Baby. Since childhood I was a shy person and it took me 30 years to make an OBGYN appointment. I know it must be sounding so odd. I made my first appointment when we couldn’t get success having a baby or to be frank making those beautiful moments after marriage, which should be easy for most people. I was told that I have vaginismus, and it might require IUI or similar treatment in order to have that little bundle of joy.

I was always tracking my ovulation cycle using an application, so I knew that I am very much fertile and have no other problem. We were about to schedule an appointment to start the IUI process and that same day I came across the Facebook page of Mosie Baby. I told my husband, let’s give it a try one time before we book an appointment. He ordered two kits with overnight shipping as I was ovulating as per the app in the next couple days. The package arrived immediately despite the current pandemic situation. We tried next day and night. To be frank, we didn’t know how it would work and whether it actually gave us any result. It’s been 7 years since our marriage, and we started planning for a baby about a year ago, but due to my vaginismus it was not so successful through natural means. I was so happy that using Mosie Baby was so easy and gave me confidence that vaginismus is not any physical problem,but it’s more of a psychological problem in my case; where I had fear of losing control over my body. Mosie Baby gave me that comfort and control which was in my hand.

The following week after trying with Mosie Baby, I was feeling happy just because I was able to use it successfully the first time without any pain or fear. So we ordered more kits and planned to use them for a couple months. However, we never had to use the new arrived kits as after three weeks, I missed my period date and guess what...I was pregnant. I am not able to express how I felt looking at those two lines. It took me nine more pregnancy test kit purchases to be convinced that I was actually pregnant. 🥰 I booked my doctor’s appointment and he was so surprised as he was not aware about Mosie Baby. He is the best doctor I could have ever imagined for me. So thankful to him keeping patience with me and blessed to have Mosie in my hand from you guys. Never ever imagined that one try with Mosie Baby was all it would take. My doctor said, I am going to let all my other patients know about it who are planning for IUI to give Mosie Baby a try. So, once again, thank you so much to you who invented this and your entire team who made it possible to deliver in my hand safely and on time.

- K & S from Florida

K&S, What a journey you’ve had! Warmest congratulations for not giving up and achieving your dream. We’re thrilled to know that Mosie helped you get there! We know vaginismus isn’t a condition that’s easy to talk about and we commend you for coming forward and bravely sharing your journey with the Mosie community. We’re always learning from our community, and we really appreciate your insight on how having something like Mosie you could put in your hand...gave you back some control and helped you through the process. So thank you for that and sharing your entire journey. It will absolutely make a difference in another family’s journey to baby and help make someone else’s dream come true. Wishing you a safe and healthy term and smooth arrival for Baby “P”. Keep in touch. We’d love to meet the little guy when the dust settles! -Maureen and Marc