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Blog /Overcoming Heartbreak to Try Again With Mosie!

Overcoming Heartbreak to Try Again With Mosie!

My wife and I have always had the desire to become moms. We had been doing all sorts of baby making research for an LGBT couple. Once we stumbled upon Mosie Baby we knew we had to give it a shot. My wife Ash started taking prenatals and tracking her ovulation. Once she got a positive ovulation test we let our sperm donor know so he could deliver the precious cargo. We were lucky enough to get pregnant on the first try! We were thrilled and shocked. We celebrated, we told our close friends and family, but unfortunately we suffered a miscarriage. We were completely heartbroken, and to be honest it took such a toll on our marriage. But we were determined and we never gave up. We waited a few months and decided to start trying again. Month after month we were on an emotional rollercoaster of excitement, fear, and heartbreak. It was heart wrenching, the “two week wait” felt like months. We were determined. On our 6th try we had decided to stop testing early and just wait it out. On June 10th my wife’s period was a few days late so we decided it was time to take a test, and we got our BIG FAT POSITIVE! Our little love baby is due February 14th, 2021. We send all of our love and baby dust to all of those who are trying to bring life into this world. Thanks to Mosie Baby we have an angel looking over us and a rainbow on its way. 

Did you face any obstacles? Tilted Uterus 
How long were you trying before Mosie: 6 months or less 
How many cycles did you use mosie? Six times, got pregnant on the first attempt and had a miscarriage, started trying on and off again

- A & B from North Carolina

A&B, We’re so happy that you didn’t give up! And can’t imagine the heartbreak you went through along the way. Warmest congratulations to you both on your incoming rainbow babe. Beyond that we thank you both for taking the time to share your remarkable journey with the Mosie community. We have no doubt it will inspire like-minded others and provide some hope when they need it most. Wishing you both a healthy and safe remainder of your term, and we look forward to e-meeting your rainbow babe next year! - Maureen + Marc (and ❤️ your photos, BTW)


Thank you Mosie Baby!

It’s our privilege to be a part of this beautiful story! Thank you for sharing this adorable little one with us! 💕

Mosie Baby in Mosie Onesie with Mosie Kit
Mosie Baby in Mosie Onesie with the Mosie Kit