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Blog /LGBTQ Mamas-to-Be Attribute Quick Success to Mosie!

LGBTQ Mamas-to-Be Attribute Quick Success to Mosie!

We found our donor through a friend, and started our journey in July. We were thankful for an easy going donor who made our process as comfortable as possible, as he donated fresh sperm to us monthly. We used Mosie for our home insemination, usually three times during our ovulation which we tracked carefully. We were complexly shocked to get our positive after three months of trying. As a same sex couple, we found it a discouraging process at the beginning, but we’re able to find many support groups online, which made things much easier emotionally. We are so grateful to have found Mosie, as I don’t think we would have had such a quick success story any other way ♥️.

Thank you Mosie!

Did you face any obstacles? Tilted Uterus
Did you try anything at a doctor's office: IUI
How many cycles did you use Mosie? 3

- S & C from Canada

S&C, Yaaay! Congratulations to you both on your successful conception with Mosie! The excitement is palpable in your pics!🤩Happy to know that you had a patient donor as well. It can make a big difference. Thank you both for sharing your lovely journey with the community as well. As you know, your experience and guidance will certainly provide some inspiration to like-minded others experiencing the same frustrations. So thanks! Wishing you both a healthy term, and keep in touch...we need to meet this guy when the dust settles! - Marc + Mo


Our Mosie baby arrived! 

His name is Atlas ❤️ Thank you for such an amazing product. We are overjoyed we were able to start our family using Mosie! We would love it if you shared! Thank you so much for your amazing product ❤️❤️


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