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Blog /After Unexplained Infertility Diagnosis, They Came Across Mosie

After Unexplained Infertility Diagnosis, They Came Across Mosie

We are proud to announce that we got our BFP on the first try. We have been trying to conceive for over 2 years. Both of our labs and all were normal so it was diagnosed as unexplained infertility. It hurt more to know that there was nothing to “fix” because it seemed like our only option would be more invasive and expensive. However, we came across Mosie Baby and considering how affordable it is and the reviews, we decided why not?! I have a 25 day cycle and my period started on June 17. Due to our busy schedules of full time students, employees, and parents to our 11 year old son, I thought we missed my ovulation and decided to still try just to see on June 29 and 30. On July 9, 4 days before my expected period, I decided to test and saw a very faint line. I’ve seen enough negative tests to know that it was something! But since I took that test mid-afternoon, I knew my urine was very diluted so I took one the next day and used my first morning urine and got a darker 2nd line! Thank you so much for providing this affordable option to those that are struggling to conceive. I highly recommend it!

- A & J from North Carolina

A&J, This is just the best news - congratulations on your BFP! Hearing those words “unexplained” can be such a heartbreaking moment. We heard those too and that led us to create the Mosie Kit. So ecstatic that Mosie was able to help your family! Thank you for sharing your story with us - it just warms our hearts! -Marc + Mo