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Blog /From Skeptics to Fans - Why One Couple Wants You to Know Their Mosie Story

From Skeptics to Fans - Why One Couple Wants You to Know Their Mosie Story

I am a firm believer in Mosie Baby! My husband and I purchased the kit early 2020 and it sat on our shelf till November of 2020. I was kind of skeptical because nothing has worked for us in the past. But the night we used Mosie Baby I got pregnant! With a miscarriage early 2019 we are overly happy! I can't stop crying or thinking about how my baby is growing. Mosie Baby is a must and is the one product that hasworked for us. We are forever grateful!

How long were you trying before Mosie: 6 months to 12 months

- E & T from Nebraska

E&T - Congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful news and your important story with us and the Mosie community. First, we’re sending our heartfelt condolences regarding your miscarriage last year. We recognize what an emotionally dark and painful time it can be. We also get it when it comes to being skeptical and doing a lot of research - especially when it comes to something this important! So, we’re glad you waited until you were ready, AND that you decided to give Mosie a try! Now your “Rainbow Baby'' is on the way, and we are so incredibly happy for you both! This is such a wonderful “first'' time in your lives, so try to cherish every moment that you can - because it goes by so fast! Wishing you a healthy, and safe term! Hoping we can e-meet your little one in the New Year! -  Marc + Maureen