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Blog /Soon To Be Mama, Living With Vaginismus, “If It Wasn’t for Mosie, It Wouldn’t Have Happened.”

Soon To Be Mama, Living With Vaginismus, “If It Wasn’t for Mosie, It Wouldn’t Have Happened.”

After dealing with Vaginismus and PTSD from sexual abuse, conceiving seemed so out of reach for us. After a while, we decided we would do whatever possible to make our dream of becoming parents a reality. Somehow my husband got an ad about Mosie, and he told me about it. I’ll be completely honest, I brushed it off for months, I didn’t think it was a possible thing. Later on I started researching myself and saw how many success stories they had, not only that but it was couples with the same diagnosis that I had gotten. We ordered a kit right away, watched videos on the process, and after a few cycles we ended up pregnant. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions, an amazing process even through everything that has happened in 2020, but we will be welcoming our baby girl at the end of February, and nothing can beat that. If it wasn’t for Mosie, it wouldn’t have happened.

- N & A from California

N&A, Wonderful, wonderful news! We’re so happy that you were able to overcome your challenges with Vaginismus and PTSD and make your dream of being parents come true. Just like the stories that inspired you, your story will absolutely provide some hope for others facing similar challenges also looking for answers. Just  knowing that they are not alone is a big deal...especially in these times. So thank you for sharing this remarkable journey with the Mosie community. By now your little baby is likely here! And we hope she and you both are thriving! We’d love to e-meet her when things settle down, so keep in touch! - Marc + Mo