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Blog /After Months of Trying, Would Mosie Help? It Did!

After Months of Trying, Would Mosie Help? It Did!

I have two children from previous relationships. I got pregnant without trying very fast with those two. My husband and I got married in August and we wanted to start right away. When we didn't get pregnant the first month, I started getting discouraged. Then a few more months went by with negative results. I saw an advertisement for Mosie Baby on one of my social media apps, and thought I would read about it. I decided to try one month with this just to see if it would help. Well it definitely helped! We are expecting this December and are so excited. Thank you Mosie Baby for helping us get our baby. 

- N & A from Michigan

N&A, Big smiles at Mosie HQ reading your story. We’re so happy Mosie was able to help you both achieve your goal! And we have to confess, your decision to simply try something different (after a little research)...is our hope for all couples that are feeling the stress of timed intercourse TTC. So thank you for sharing as we know it will make a difference in the journeys of others feeling the same pressure. Wishing you both a smooth, healthy remainder of your term! - Marc + Mo