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Blog /Male Factor Issues Led Them to ICI at Home With Mosie

Male Factor Issues Led Them to ICI at Home With Mosie

My husband and I have been trying for 3 years, and after no success trying to conceive on our own, we decided to conceive with a little help from California CryoBank with the assistance of Mosie Baby. We are excited and wish for the best. 


I write this with excitement and joy. I would like to start out by giving a big thank you to California CryoBank for helping us conceive when we had no other choice and most of all Mosie Baby for making our miracle happen. Here is our story of unexplained infertility. After 3 years of raising my 2 children from a previous marriage, we decided we wanted one of our own together. After trying to conceive without any assistance, we finally went to a fertility doctor and found out my husband had no chance in achieving a pregnancy. So, a couple of years flew by, life can get busy sometimes. I myself finally went to a fertility clinic and had the doctor complete an entire work up on me. He informed me that I am a healthy woman with no issues. After conducting my research and all options on trying to succeed in conception, we decided to take the inexpensive route which was doing an ICI at home. We purchased three donor vials from the sperm bank, bought the Mosie Baby Kit, timed my ovulation cycle to the best of my knowledge, and completed the at-home insemination that day. The next thing we knew that following month I missed my cycle by one day, and that was the day we found out we were expecting a little miracle to arrive in December 2020. We both have waited for this day to arrive and are proud to announce that we became pregnant with our first child on our first try using one donor vial.

- N & K from Texas

N&K, Warmest congratulations on your success with Mosie and your decision to do at-home ICI using donor vials. You guys are trailblazers and we’re honored to have played a small part in your remarkable journey. Thanks to you both for coming forward with your story. We know it will provide hope and inspiration to like-minded others! Wishing you both a healthy remainder of your term (you're almost there!) and a healthy new addition in December! -Marc + Mo