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Blog /So Easy To Use and Zero Pain

So Easy To Use and Zero Pain

Just want to say I've used my first kit this month and have ordered another for next month. Your syringes are absolutely amazing. I suffer from vaginismus and can't even use tampons but I can use your syringes without lube! They're so well designed that there is zero pain. I was really worried that my husband and I wouldn't even be able to try to conceive but your product is a game changer. Thank you so much for bringing this product to the market. I'll be telling my GP about it at my next doctor's appointment. Thank you again.

- N From the UK

N, We are so delighted to be able to help you on your journey to conceive! And it’s so good to know that you are able to successfully use Mosie as someone facing struggles with vaginismus. Keep us posted on your journey and let us know if we can be of any further help ❤️ -Marc + Mo

*If you are struggling with vaginismus and want us to share information about the Mosie Kit with your provider, feel free to contact us. We’d love to support you and help inform your doctor so they can help more people facing similar challenges.