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Blog /Tracking Ovulation Cycle for Six Months Pays off for Mamas-to-Be

Tracking Ovulation Cycle for Six Months Pays off for Mamas-to-Be

Same sex married couple! We have been tracking ovulation patterns for 6 months. Once the construction of our home was under way we decided to start trying, thinking it would probably be 3-6 months before any luck. My wife started experiencing some pregnancy like symptoms and just like that her period never came and we were thrilled to see a positive test result! We have set up our first doctor appointment and are hoping for a healthy baby!

-L & C from Florida

L&C, Super congratulations to you two! And we are clapping our hands over here reading that you tracked ovulation for six months prior to trying to inseminate at home with Mosie. When using donor sperm this is soooooo smart to do! Sending you good vibes for a healthy, smooth pregnancy! -Marc + Mo