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Blog /4 Years of TTC Led Them to Mosie and a BFP!

4 Years of TTC Led Them to Mosie and a BFP!

We tried to conceive for about 4 years. It wasn't happening, so we decided to try something to help. My husband found The Mosie Kit online, and it worked for us on the second cycle we used it!

I just wanted to add to my story that I have a fertility issue too. I had irregular cycles, but I found out I have an ovulatory dysfunction after we used the Mosie Kit to conceive. So, both my husband and I were dealing with fertility issues, and we're really glad the kit helped us conceive.

- D & B from Ohio

D&B, Goosebumps reading your story. Four years is an eternity in the TTC world, and we commend you both for sticking with it and changing things up with Mosie. Sometimes that’s all it takes and we’re so happy it worked for you guys. More than that we thank you for sharing your journey with our community. We simply wouldn’t be here without the generous support of this community coming forward and normalizing an alternative approach, so thanks! Wishing you a safe and healthy term and new addition! -Marc + Maureen