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Blog /Emotional support and Mosie made TTC less of a struggle for this family

Emotional support and Mosie made TTC less of a struggle for this family

After many procedures, blood work and tests, we still had no reason for our infertility.We have been trying for a year.This was our last cycle before starting infertility medications and treatments. We decided to do everything we could think of and give it one last try “naturally.” I saw an ad on Instagram for Mosie Baby, spoke to my husband, and decided it was worth a shot. 

Well a few (long!) weeks later, we found out it worked and we couldn’t be happier! 

Advice I'd give to others going through the same thing is to talk about it, find a hobby and not give up. I found it very therapeutic to talk to family and friends as well as other women who are or have been through infertility struggles. Allowing people in to help you through this emotional time lifts a huge weight off your shoulders. Secondly, I started to work out more. Taking Barre classes helped clear my mind for an hour at a time and every bit of a clear mind while TTC is a good thing. 

Lastly, you should never give up and keep an open mind. It may or may not be the route you thought you'd take to pregnancy but you never know if that next product or procedure will change your life forever. 

Thank you for such a great product, it changed our lives <3

- DB from CT

DB - Thanks for trusting Mosie with your “one last try”! We’re beyond thrilled to hear it worked for your family. Your advice is so helpful, too. It’s easy to keep laser focus on trying to conceive and forget your other needs, but we agree that finding the right support system and outlet during your journey are some of the best things you can do for yourself! Marc & Mo