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Blog /Stress, Work Travel, and Delayed Ejaculation Didn’t Stop This Family

Stress, Work Travel, and Delayed Ejaculation Didn’t Stop This Family

We are a couple married for 5 years. Had some anxiety issues, traveling issues earlier so couldn't focus on a baby mostly on the first few years. But when we started to work on it I had an issue of late ejaculation, which prompted us to delay the process. Most of the time there was no ejaculation at all. But it was normal when I am in my restroom on my own. We had gone through multiple checkups both before going forward. Each doctor who tested us said we were perfectly normal and didn't want us to try any external medicine. We were in a dilemma about what exactly we need to do, where we need to go next. We were thinking of IVF. 

One day my wife started to browse the internet and heard about Mosie Baby. She told me about it and I searched on youtube where I saw a few people telling how it was helpful. So we thought to give it a try. The kit came. We tried naturally that cycle it wasn't working, so the next day I ejaculated and dropped every drop into the kit. Took to my wife and dropped everything from it in the syringe. It was huge amount as per doctor advice before. I did try next day but didn't get much so dropped like 5-10% of previous day. That's all I was able to do. We thought let's wait for next cycle as we know the process now, we could plan perfectly. 

Meanwhile days passed and my wife periods was missed by 1-3 days. We were like are you serious 🤣. It did pass 5 days and we got tense. It did pass 8 days. Then we wanted to test, totally tense. At the same day we had to move to a new house. So couldn't do anything, and we were not sure about the baby so took 3rd floor apartment. Damn, she had to go up and down, but we were not aware of anything. As she was feeling nausea I insisted her to sit. Next day morning she came in a hurry, saying she is bleeding. I was tense, like is it periods?  Did we make a mistake by taking the 3rd floor apartment? So many thoughts. When we researched a little bit in google it said this was common if ur going to conceive. So we took the test at home. And Dammmmn....she was pregnant. ...I was like on cloud 9. I wanted to be double sure and took her to a medical checkup. It was right. Man, that was like a dream. Mosie Baby was a blessing to us. You guys are real angels. It's a boy and born healthy with 6.5 pounds. Within 6 months he hit 21lbs. We just love you guys.

- A & K from Texas

A&K, And we just love you guys too ❤️ thank you for helping others by sharing your story with the Mosie Community! A lot of men have difficulty completing when intimate with a partner. It’s more common than people realize. But this shouldn’t stop loving couples from creating a family. We are sending your family the biggest of hugs! Congratulations to you all! -Marc + Mo