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Blog /Persisting Through PCOS and Donor Distance to a Happy Result

Persisting Through PCOS and Donor Distance to a Happy Result

My wife and I met 6 years ago in 2017. We instantly knew that we would be together for the rest of our lives. I proposed to her on her 30th birthday 2018 in her home town on a gondola ride. We set our wedding date for 3/21/2020. We found out 3 days before our wedding that we had to cancel due to the covid 19 virus. We decided to still have a small ceremony with a few family members and friends since we couldn't have our big reception. It was the most beautiful moment of our lives.

About a year later we decided we wanted to have children together. We found a good obgyn here in town and made an appointment to check on our bodies to make sure we were ready to create a life. Unfortunately we both found out that we have PCOS (polyscysctic ovarian syndrome) which makes it very hard to have children. We also found out that my wife has endometriosis which makes it even harder to reproduce. We were not going to give up. We found out that our obgyn was also a fertility specialist. So she put us on the right medications to help prepare our bodies for the best result possible. It wasn't promised to work, but we were willing to try no matter what.

We both took the meds for about a year. During that time I decided to look online for the best product to help us conceive at home. That is when I came across the Mosie Baby kit. I read a few success stories on it and just had to buy it. We gave it a shot and tried with my body first since I am older and wanted to make sure I tried while I still had good eggs. We tried for five months in a row for 5 days each month during my ovulation period. No luck, with frustration and all those negative pregnancy tests, it really took a toll on both of us and was discouraging.

The next month we decided to also try my wife Ashley for the very first time. We were working opposite shifts so we didn't have much time to try and make it happen. But one day we had about a half hour to work with. When I got off of work, I took the Mosie baby sample cup, brought it to our donors house about 25 miles out of town, got the sample and drove it back with just enough time to give it a go on my wife's lunch break. We usually like to lay with our legs up for 45 minutes after inseminating, but we only had 20. Little did I know that I was supposed to keep the sample warm between my legs on the ride home, I blasted the AC and kept it as cold as possible. When I told the wife that I did that, she said "noooooo, you were supposed to keep it warm with your body heat". In that moment I thought I had already ruined the sample since I was ignorant to how to store it. Plus I had to drive so far and you only get 45 minutes to use it for best chances. We thought there was no chance at it working that time. So we just waited for the next cycle.

She ended up being only a day late when she started cramping pretty good. She is never late and doesn't cramp that bad. We decided to to take a pregnancy test the next day and it was positive. We couldn't believe our eyes. We hugged each other for about 10 minutes. Both of us crying happy tears. Thanks to Mosie baby, we were able to get pregnant. We will be forever grateful. Thank you so much. Baby FenLey is due May 9th 2024!

- J & A , Arizona

A huge congrats, J and A! What a wild ride (literally, it sounds like!) baby-making can be. We are so delighted to hear your great news. – Team Mosie Baby