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Blog /Mosie FAQ /What is Mosie and How Does It Work?

What is Mosie and How Does It Work?

The Mosie Baby Kit is indicated for over-the-counter home use, by individuals who have been unable to conceive through intercourse or choose not to conceive through intercourse, for semen collection and the delivery of semen or donor sperm to the vaginal canal.

The Mosie Baby Kit should be used during the ovulatory phase of the menstrual cycle. A Mosie kit comes with 2 Mosie syringes, 2 proprietary Mosie collection cups, and educational instructions on how best to use Mosie. Essentially, you would "collect" your sample in the cup, (please aim for the center of the cup when collecting) then use a Mosie syringe to transfer it to your vagina. Each syringe and cup are ready to use out of the box and are single-use only.

Mosie has helped over 100,000 families inseminate in the comfort of their own home! As with all procedures, individual results may vary depending on age and obstacles.

If you would like more information on at-home insemination Mosie Baby teamed with reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Lora Shahine to create an educational video on at-home insemination.   Please click here to watch “At-Home Insemination for Beginners: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW”. 

 If you are currently "trying" we encourage you to check in with your ob-gyn or doctor about how best to proceed if you're unsure if Mosie is right for you before purchasing.

Feel free to email us atmosie@mosiebaby.com if we can help any further. Our best to you!