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Blog /Mosie FAQ /Quick Tip Prior to Using Mosie

Quick Tip Prior to Using Mosie

Pull the Plunger First!

Prior to using each Mosie syringe, pull it back and forth a few times. This will help you get comfortable with it. The first pull back may be tight. We designed Mosie to have a very snug fit at the tip to ensure transfer is maximized. Once that initial pull is done, back and forth should be nice and smooth thanks to a tiny bit of medically safe lubricant place on each tip. Before absorbing sperm into Mosie be sure the plunger is pushed all the way in to remove any excess air.

When using Mosie you want to insert no farther than the handles. If you feel like you've inserted too far, leave about a third of an inch or a finger's width out from the handles.

Once you're comfortable and have put Mosie inside the vagina, push the syringe down naturally just as you would. If you're uncertain, err on pushing a little harder than softer (slow). 

You got this! And of course, we're here if any questions come up!