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Blog /Mosie FAQ /Does Mosie come with sperm?

Does Mosie come with sperm?

A common question we get asked at Mosie Baby is “does the Mosie Kit come with sperm?” 

Mosie does not include a sperm sample, but rather is the “transfer” method to deliver the sperm sample. The sample itself would be up to you to secure either through a partner or other source. We’ve seen folks in the Mosie community have success from several different sperm sources. Some make legal arrangements with friends, or a family member of their partner, others use sperm banks, and still others use donor programs like a co-parenting matching service. 

We understand that many people in the Mosie community are ready to start their families but do not have their donor lined up yet. If you are still deciding between using a known donor and a frozen sperm bank,take a look at this article on our blog written by Amanda Hopping-Winn fromFamily Equality.

Please note that Mosie does not protect against HIV, sexually transmissible diseases, infections, or viruses. We advise you to check in with your doctor when using a known donor at home.

Please research the laws in your state or country when working with a known donor and also consider evaluating if your known donor should quarantine prior to working with them during this pandemic.

Hope this helps and feel free to reach out if additional questions come up at mosie@mosiebaby.com!