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Blog /5 Tips For Pregnancy and Childbirth

5 Tips For Pregnancy and Childbirth

Getting pregnant can be super exciting AND exhausting! We want you to feel supported and thrilled about this new chapter in life, so here are a few tips to help you decide what’s next after getting a positive result!

Tip 1: Find and Meet your Care Team

There isn’t a huge difference between having a Midwife or having OB/GYN, but it’s still something to consider early on in pregnancy. The earlier you have a provider, the more you can ask questions, focus on taking classes and concentrate on enjoying your pregnancy experience. 

Whichever provider you choose, we also recommend having a doula. Whether you find someone with in-person or virtual services, they can help manage the communication between you and your providers during birth. Not to mention, a doula is just one of the many professionals who can help out! Take a look here to explore other verticals that may be able to provide additional and complementary support here. 

Take a deep breath and think about this exciting new journey you’re about to embark on.

Tip 2: Ask all the Questions and Gather all the Information 

You can be realistic about pregnancy and birth without fearing it. Your provider is there to help decipher any questions- nothing is too big or too small. Curious to know about breastfeeding? Or how to create a birth plan? Or how to find a pediatrician as you get closer to delivery? All great questions. 

Above all, be honest with your providers about what you’re comfortable with and what you need. Recognize that your care team is there to support you and bring your baby safely into the world. 

Tip 3: Treat Birth Preparation as a Partnered Activity 

Believe it or not- you can treat birth preparation as a bonding experience with your partner or support person. Try taking virtual classes together- even if it’s something like breastfeeding! The more he/she/they know about how to help and get involved with parenting, the easier it will be when the baby arrives and the more they’ll understand the transition and how to support you.

Tip 4: Contact Your Birthing Center

Once you figure out what type of birth you would like (this is also something you can consult your provider on!), call your facility. Unless you’re having a home birth, the rules of hospitals and birthing centers have most likely changed during COVID-19. Ask them about their support person policy, if you can receive a virtual tour, which items you will be allowed to bring, where you can plan to park, how the nursery is operating, and how long you’re permitted to stay after birth.

Tip 5: Make Your Self Care a Priority

Now is the time to load up on good vitamins, practice some self-care routines, and get tons of sleep! Be open with your partner or support person about ways you can decrease your stress levels, and let them know how they may be able to help. Things like self-massages, joining support groups, healthy eating, and long walks are calming and helpful. Remember that you’ve got this and to enjoy the journey!


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