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Frequently Asked Questions: Retrospective Study on the Use, Efficiency, and Safety of the Mosie Kit

Principal Investigator: Karina Loyo, Ph.D., MBA, CCDM

Contact Information: 512-630-0990 or

Why am I being asked to participate in this study?

You are being asked to participate because we are interested in learning about your experience using the Mosie Kit for at-home insemination. Since you have purchased at least one kit, we hope that you have had an opportunity to use it and can share your experience.

How long will the survey take?

It is expected that most people will be able to complete the survey in about 15-30 minutes.

Do I have to participate?

No. Participation is optional, although we would really appreciate your help! The feedback you provide is crucial for us to improve the experience for others in the future.

Will the survey be anonymous or will I have to identify myself?

The survey is completely anonymous. While we will ask some questions about your demographics (ex. race, age, income, preferred relationship), nothing will be able to identify you as the person submitting the responses. In fact, Mosie will be sending the invitations, but our external primary investigator will be the one receiving the results in a completely separate database that can never be linked.

Do you want both of us to participate by filling out a survey? Or do you have a preference about who fills it out?

We would prefer to have the person who was inseminated respond to the survey. But if they are not able to fill it out, you are welcome to fill it out on their behalf.

Can I forward the link to a friend?

Please only forward to friends who have used the Mosie syringe. One of the reasons we are using a general link is to allow you to share it if you desire and the other is to make sure we keep your responses anonymous.

I noticed the survey is being conducted in a google form. Is my data safe?

Yes. The information you provide is transmitted safely into our Principal Investigator’s custody. Access to it is password protected. The only person who will be able to access the survey data during the data collection period will be the principal investigator, who does not have access to the email list.

Is the Principal Investigator an employee of Mosie Baby?

No, the Principal Investigator is an independent consultant hired by Mosie Baby to conduct the research.

Will I be compensated for my time?

There is no cash compensation for participating in the study. However, in appreciation for sharing your experience and your time, Mosie will provide you with a discount code to be used on your next purchase. Using this discount code will not identify you as having participated in the study as we have used it before in a prior marketing campaign. We selected this code because it will help keep your participation anonymous.

What do you hope to learn from our responses?

We hope to learn about your experience using the Mosie Kit. We are studying how well people understand our instructions and the effectiveness of doing at-home insemination with Mosie Baby. 

Are there any risks involved in participating in the study?

There are no known risks for participating in the study. You will be asked about your conception history which can be a trigger for some folks, and if this is too much, please know you do not have to complete the survey and can exit at any time. Please know that by exiting the survey your answers will not be submitted at all.

Why is Mosie Baby doing this study?

Mosie Baby cares about its community and wants to continuously improve to meet your fertility needs for at-home insemination. This study will provide us some valuable information about the product and your experience.

How is this clinical research study different from a marketing survey?

Marketing surveys focus on people’s purchasing behaviors. This clinical research study focuses on your experience with Mosie and the experience of others like you. The purpose is to understand your interaction with and use of the kit, the ease of use, identify any concerns over safety, understand the rates of pregnancy, and what if anything people are doing that could be beneficial when doing at-home insemination.

Additionally, this study has been reviewed by an Independent Review Board who has determined that the study has been designed to protect your rights as a participant and will in no way endanger you. The study is also registered with

Will the results be published?

We do plan to analyze and publish the results. We hope that the information we gain will not only be valuable for Mosie, but also to the whole fertility industry. There is very little research on the effectiveness of at-home insemination so this study will definitely add to the general knowledge about its effectiveness. 

Can I withdraw at any time?

Yes. You have the right not to participate and the right to withdraw at any time. One of the reasons the google forms was selected is that if you choose to end your participation before submitting the survey, none of the data will be posted into the database. If you choose to stop mid-survey you can close your browser and no data will be recorded.

What happens if I stop the survey somewhere in the middle?

Only completed surveys where the user clicks the Submit button at the end of the survey end up posting to the study database. Be sure to click submit when you are done to send the information to the database.

Can I get my name taken off the list of reminders as I already completed the survey or decided not to participate? 

Absolutely, please send an email to to be taken off the list. In the email simply include the title: Remove from SURVEY list.

There is no need to provide any additional information. That way, we won’t know if you participated or not. Note: This will not take you off Mosie’s regular mailing list, that takes a separate request.

How many surveys do you hope to get?

We hope to get around 500 completed surveys. This will allow us to analyze the data and have strong significance in our findings.

How long do you think it will take to get all those surveys?

Our Mosie community is very engaged. We strongly believe we can have all the needed surveys within 30 days. However, if more time is needed, we can continue to receive responses.

What if I have additional questions about this survey? Is there anyone I can call?

Yes. You can call the Principal investigator directly, her contact information is at the top of this page as well as below.

Karina Loyo, Ph.D., MBA, CCDM