Conception 101 Videos

Maureen's Conception 101 video series gives you the tools and information you need for successful insemination in simple, bite-sized portions.

The turkey baster method demystified! Considering conception with Mosie or any other syringe for that matter? Maureen reveals exactly how to artificially inseminate using a syringe at home. Naturally, Mosie is the syringe used in this video (we may be a little biased).

The cervix plays a pivotal role in measuring where you are in your fertility cycle. In this video Maureen explains how to locate your cervix and better understand your body's ovulation cycle in order to achieve conception.

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Marc opens up about the rarely talked about but very real issues men face during the TTC process. Expect brutally honest observations sprinkled with humor on issues like timing performance and how repeatedly failing at conception can complicate your “normal” sex life. Marc also offers up advice on how to address these challenges head-on by keeping communication lines open and considering the option of giving each other a break from performing “on-command” by using a conception aid like the Mosie. Recommended viewing for any couple struggling to conceive.

Cervical mucus is like a crystal ball into your body's fertility cycle. In this video Maureen pulls back the curtain on cervical mucus and reveals how it can identify your ideal time for insemination and conception. (and yep...she's pretty pregnant in this one!)

Maureen breaks down exactly what you need to know about your cervix in relation to ovulation and conception. And why understanding your cervix plays a key role in the conception process.

When trying to conceive (TTC), healthy sperm is a critical factor and there are a LOT of variables that can affect sperm health. In this video Maureen discusses 5 steps every man can take today to help improve sperm health in order to successfully conceive.

We get a lot of questions about who Mosie is for or who can use Mosie to conceive at home. In this video Maureen discusses 6 groups of people that are ideal candidates for trying to conceive with the Mosie home insemination syringe.

In this video Maureen discusses implantation bleeding including what implantation bleeding is and what causes implantation bleeding as well as how to tell if you're experiencing implantation bleeding vs. your normal period.