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Conception 101 Videos

Our Conception 101 video series gives you the tools and information you need for successful insemination in simple, bite-sized portions.

Home Insemination Using A Syringe

The turkey baster method demystified! Considering conception with Mosie or any other syringe for that matter? Maureen reveals exactly how to artificially inseminate using a syringe at home. Naturally, Mosie is the syringe used in this video (we may be a little biased).

How To Inseminate at Home with Frozen Sperm

Maureen shows you exactly how to use Mosie with a frozen sperm vial. Mosie can be used with either fresh or frozen sperm. Many in our community have actually conceived using this method and have shared their knowledge with us, so we’re excited to bring this knowledge to you in video form! 

Ovulation And Your Cervix

Maureen breaks down exactly what you need to know about your cervix in relation to ovulation and conception. And why understanding your cervix plays a key role in the conception process.

How To Find Your Cervix

The cervix plays a pivotal role in measuring where you are in your fertility cycle. In this video Maureen explains how to locate your cervix and better understand your body's ovulation cycle in order to achieve conception.

Want to learn more...check out our Conception 101 articles page for a more in-depth look at improving your pregnancy odds.

How to Find your Cervix: a Visual Demonstration

In this video Maureen demonstrates how to physically locate your cervix and what to expect. Understanding your cervix and it’s position can empower you with insight on how your body works and can be the first step in learning how to track ovulation. And if you’re watching at work, don’t worry she keeps things PG!

IUI vs. ICI Frozen Sperm Vials

If you're ordering frozen sperm from a cryobank for home insemination, it may help to know the difference between IUI and ICI vials. ICI frozen sperm vials are preferred for home use, and in today's video, we're sharing why!

What Makes Mosie Special?

Learn what went into to Mosie's proprietary design! Mosie is the first syringe designed specifically for at home intracervical insemination (ICI), delivering sperm directly at or near the cervical opening. Not only is Mosie simple and safe to use, it was also clinically proven to be as effective as both timed intercourse and IUI

6 Groups of People Mosie Can Help With Home Conception

We get a lot of questions about who Mosie is for or who can use Mosie to conceive at home. In this video Maureen discusses 6 groups of people that are ideal candidates for trying to conceive with the Mosie home insemination syringe.

5 Tips To Improve Sperm Health

When trying to conceive (TTC), healthy sperm is a critical factor and there are a LOT of variables that can affect sperm health. In this video Maureen discusses 5 steps every man can take today to help improve sperm health in order to successfully conceive.

What Is Implantation Bleeding?

In this video Maureen discusses implantation bleeding including what it is and what causes it as well as how to tell if you're experiencing implantation bleeding vs. your normal period.

Amanda & Jennifer's Mosie Story

Amanda and Jennifer were one of the very first Mosie success stories, and in this video they chat about their approach to family planning and how Mosie fit in.

Nikki & Stephen's Mosie Story

Mosie Baby Co-founders Maureen & Marc have a candid conversation with Mosie parents-to-be Nikki & Stephen about their TTC journey. Topics include being diagnosed with unexplained infertility, going through IUI, the diagnostic testing people go through when TTC, and finally how they found Mosie and finally conceived.