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Blog /They Saw Mosie, Thought “Why Not?” and Conception!

They Saw Mosie, Thought “Why Not?” and Conception!

My husband and I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter, who we conceived after only 2 months of trying. Around her first birthday, we decided try for a second! This time however, it took us 11 months before we became pregnant again. Everything about that pregnancy went smoothly until our 12 week scan showed some problems, and unfortunately, we lost that baby at 16 weeks.

After a few months of healing, we decided to try again. 13 months later and still no baby! We had done all the scans, all the tests, and nothing could give us an answer as to why we couldn't conceive. We had seen a few ads online about Mosie, read the reviews, and thought, "why not?". After just one cycle we were pregnant! I don't know why or how it worked, but it worked and we are so grateful and excited! Thank you Mosie!!

- M & C from Maryland

M&C, Warmest congratulations on your conception! We’re thrilled that Mosie was able to help after the challenging journey you’ve both been on. You’re “why not?” logic in making your decision to try Mosie sums up a great deal of our philosophy when it comes to TTC...it’s not about sex, pride, or anything really except growing your family and we’re happy that it work for you guys! And our sincere thanks for sharing your remarkable journey. It’s a BIG DEAL and will inspire and provide hope to like-minded others! Wishing you both a safe and healthy term and new addition! And keep in touch, we’d love to meet your daughters new sib! -Marc + Maureen

Worth mentioning: M&C shared with us and gave us permission to share that a tilted uterus was among the obstacles they faced not included in this story.