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Blog /Surrogate Carries Mosie Baby for Papas-To-Be!

Surrogate Carries Mosie Baby for Papas-To-Be!

I am a traditional surrogate carrying for a same-sex couple. We decided to try Mosie Baby before going through IUI with a doctor. Mosie Baby made TTC so easy for our situation. It did take us 2 cycles, but I believe the first didn't work due to bad timing on our part. I am very excited and honored to be able to grow this sweet little muffin for very proud daddies!

- J from Texas

J! Warmest congratulations to everyone on this wonderful news. We’re over-the-moon for all of you. We can’t imagine what being a surrogate must be like, but in our eyes you are a hero! Thanks to you and the proud papas-to-be for sharing this remarkable journey with the community. We know others will find inspiration and smiles after reading. Wishing you and everyone a smooth and healthy term and new addition. We ❤️ this story and hope you’ll stay in touch and send us a pic when the dust settles! -Maureen + Marc 

sonogram of a mosie baby