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Blog /Mosie “Took the Pressure off” and Now Baby “H” Is Here!

Mosie “Took the Pressure off” and Now Baby “H” Is Here!

I was diagnosed with vaginismus shortly after being married in 2011. Intimacy was so painful that I began to have serious anxiety around it. It caused so many other issues in our marriage and by 2017, we were separated. We went through one year of marriage counseling and moved back in together, and surprise...we’re finally able to have pain free sex. Even so, when we decided to try for a baby, there was so much pressure because of my past diagnosis and my tendency to associate pain with sex. We were advised by our new doctor who works with many women who have pelvic pain issues to syringe during our fertile window and have sex during the other times. It would take the pressure off a little. So, we did. Every month, for six months, we syringed on days 12-26 of my cycle. Although we had tried smaller syringes that many of the women in my vaginismus support group recommended, I really loved Mosie because it was so easy. I also love the videos and educational aspects of what you are doing. It's like it's not weird to be trying this! I was at home on a Saturday when I remembered I hadn’t taken a pregnancy test that month. Lo and behold...two lines appeared, and then we did a blood test at the clinic...we were pregnant! We are six weeks along with our Mosie baby and couldn’t be happier. 😊😊😊

UPDATE: Our son “H” was born on Friday, November 22. We love him so much. ❤️


- KL from Fargo, ND

KL, First of all, warmest congratulations on Baby “H”. He’s just adorable 😍, and we’re privileged to have played a small part in his story! Secondly, thanks to you and your husband for coming forward with your story. Vaginismus is very real and letting others know that they are NOT alone is part of our mission. You guys are an inspiration, and we know your story will help others struggling with this condition. -Maureen + Marc

mother with vaginismus holding her newborn mosie baby