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Blog /Mosie Mamas Expecting #2 Exactly One Year Later!

Mosie Mamas Expecting #2 Exactly One Year Later!

This story has been broken into two parts as each announcement was separate...and wonderful!

#1 Big Sis:

Our Mosie Baby is due this Saturday, August 10th! We are hoping she will come a little sooner though! This momma is ready! :) My wife and I married last July and knew we didn’t want to wait long to start having babies. Once we found a sperm donor, the rest seemed easy! That was until I began research on syringes and some of the struggles and disadvantages of using traditional syringes to inseminate. I stumbled upon Mosie Baby and didn’t hesitate to order! Three months later we were pregnant with our little love. We can’t wait to meet her, and we have Mosie to thank for making our conception process so easy and comfortable! We will absolutely be continuing our relationship with Mosie Baby for the rest of our pregnancies!

#2 Lil’ Bro:

We are now expecting our second Mosie Baby! Our daughter “L” (whom I carried) was born August 2019 after using Mosie for 3 cycles, and my wife is due August 2020 with #2 after just 1 cycle! We can’t believe how Mosie has helped us along on our journey. These simple and beautiful products made my wife and I (and our sperm donor!) feel extremely comfortable. We continue to recommend Mosie products and this wonderful community to everyone we can! 

- C & B from Ohio

C&B! OMG, are we happy for your growing fam! And what an adorable photo of baby “L” checking out incoming baby bro! We’re so happy that Mosie was a comfort and something you felt good about. And we’re grateful to you not only for your kind words (and including the community!), but we’re so happy you opted to share your journey as it is truly remarkable. We have no doubt it will inspire others and ease any anxiety’s they may face in planning their journeys. Keep in touch, we’d love to see a pic of baby “C”! -Marc + Mo

BTW, we proactively opt not to share even first names of little ones out of respect for their privacy...but MAN was it hard not to share L & C’s #adorable.

Mosie Baby announcement with onesie and sonogram