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Blog /Kisa’s Story: Trying to Conceive with Vaginismus

Kisa’s Story: Trying to Conceive with Vaginismus

We are so thankful to Kisa, who recently shared a YouTube video about her struggles with vaginismus and how Mosie has helped her inseminate comfortably at home.  Along with an unboxing, a visual comparison of Mosie to the size of a tampon, and an honest review, Kisa also shares a bit about her journey with vaginismus.

 “After a decade of being brushed off by multiple gynecologists regarding my pain, I was diagnosed with vaginismus at the end of last year. Vaginismus is the involuntary contractions of the vaginal muscles and this can cause pain during any sort of insertion. My vaginismus isn’t so severe that I cannot insert anything. For example, I am able to insert tampons and have pap smears although they do cause minimal pain. Intercourse can be very painful and sometimes impossible and there are certain things that I do to help manage my pain. Fortunately, for some women, vaginismus is curable and treatable, so I am working towards that. As you can imagine, this condition can feel limiting and it can also put pressure on trying to conceive. 

So while doing some research I came across intracervical insemination and intravaginal insemination - both are forms of insemination that can be done at home. At-home insemination is very similar to intercourse in the way that it helps assist insert the sperm into the vagina. One of the methods that can be used for this is a needless syringe. So, this can be very useful and beneficial for many people including those who are using donor sperm, those who have performance-related stress, those with endometriosis, and of course those who have vaginismus. 

While researching, I came across a brand called Mosie Baby online. Mosie Baby states that the Mosie Kit is the first syringe designed for home insemination.”

If you are facing painful intercourse, know that you are not alone. And thank you Kisa, for sharing your story and helping others on their path to parenthood! We are keeping our fingers crossed for you and sending everyone experiencing vaginismus lots of love.