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Blog /From Adoption Heartbreak to Mosie Conception!

From Adoption Heartbreak to Mosie Conception!

We bought one kit a little while ago and used one syringe on May 5th. We tried to follow your directions but couldn't get a second sample. But voila: 8 weeks pregnant. 😊 My husband and I have been married for 5 years, and sex has always been a challenge for us which means pregnancy has been a no go. On top of it, a couple of years ago we were less than two months away from traveling to meet the little boy we were going to adopt when we were suddenly informed that he was no longer adoptable. We had hosted him in our home previously so the whole situation was just heartbreaking, not to mention a huge financial loss.

I'm not getting any younger (34) so we decided now was the time to try. We thank God for this blessing and are so grateful for your product. A friend who knows about our bedroom troubles asked how we became pregnant. When I told her, she was so surprised that your product existed!

I was able to tell my dying grandfather of our pregnancy shortly before he passed. So thankful we were able to have that moment with him. 

Thanks for helping us build our family. Our parents, friends and relatives are all so excited too!  We couldn't be more thrilled.


SW from Janesville, WI 


SW, what an emotional  journey you guys have had. We’re beyond thrilled that Mosie was able to help you overcome the very real anxiety filled challenges you both faced. We thank you and applaud your courage in coming forward with your story. And we know that it will have a positive impact for many other families going forward. Wishing you a healthy term and new addtion to your family. - Marc + Mo