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Blog /A Different Road To A Happy Family With A Little Help From Mosie

A Different Road To A Happy Family With A Little Help From Mosie

When my wife and I first got together, it didn't take long for our dreams of a big happy family to become clear. We'd fallen madly in love with each other in no time and often spent hours talking about our future together with children. When we married on August 2017 we vowed to start trying for a baby. Being a same-sex couple, we knew our road would be different. I started tracking my ovulation and researching different options. IUI seemed so scary. We wanted a simpler more intimate option. When I stumbled upon Mosie, we agreed that it was the best option. It was a way that would allow both of us to have a part in the process, and the best part was that we could inseminate at home! It only took two tries but now we have a baby on the way! Mosie is a life-saver. I don't hesitate when I'm asked how this little miracle came to be. Thank you so much for helping families everywhere, including our little one. 

Thank you,
AP - Sacramento, CA

A different road but no less relevant or beautiful AP! We're so happy that you're realizing your dreams of a big happy family and that Mosie could help out! You guys are an inspiration! - Marc & Mo