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Blog /After Putting TTC on Hold, They Found Mosie and a BFP!

After Putting TTC on Hold, They Found Mosie and a BFP!

We were trying to conceive for a year using fresh sperm and a turkey baster. After multiple failed attempts, we decided to put a pause on trying for six months, then one day I got on Instagram and discovered Mosie and did my research on them after seeing such a success rate. I made the decision to buy a box and try our luck this past September. We changed our donor & used one of Mosie's syringes and we got pregnant on the first try using the syringe just that one time. 

-C & D from New York

Wow, thank you for sharing your story! We know many people do use the turkey baster method, and always encourage people to do what is right for them - and of course to chat with their doctor too! But we are so truly grateful you decided to switch it up and give Mosie a try ❤️ So excited for your incoming Mosie baby! Congratulations!