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Blog /"We conceived on the first try"

"We conceived on the first try"

My husband and I had been trying for another child for over 2 years but my pelvic pain was making it increasingly difficult to keep trying. We’re both getting older and so my husband researched about how to get pregnant when one has has much pain as I do. (We even talked with a fertility doctor who confirmed that a home insemination way would be best for us). I committed to doing women’s health physical therapy so I could get to a point of using a home insemination device. After 6 months of PT my husband bought your product and we gave it a try! Not only could I actually use your product, which was in itself a miracle, we actually conceived on the first try!! We were blown away! I’m now 16 weeks pregnant with our 2nd miracle baby and everything is going great! We can’t thank you enough for a product that works.

- M&G from WA