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Blog /Our Path to Pregnancy as a Same-Sex Couple

Our Path to Pregnancy as a Same-Sex Couple

As a same-sex couple, we always thought that our baby making journey would start in the doctor's office. After much research, we found that at-home insemination could be a great starting point as we have a wonderful known donor! Then, through further research (YouTube, Instagram, testimonials, etc.) we found Mosie Baby! I've always tracked my cycle but added in ovulation tracking with LH strips about 2 months prior to trying to conceive. The kit/packaging is adorable. We loved the encouraging messages in the box. The syringe is comfortable, smooth, and not intimidating at all! The experience was stress free and to our surprise, we got our BFP after our first cycle of trying! We are now 16 weeks pregnant with a girl and so grateful to Mosie Baby!

- J&K from CA